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Infrared imaging

MEDICAL CONSULTATION, HEALTH CHECK and HORMONE testing, as well as treatment based on a holistic view, which means aspiring to completeness (paying attention to the person, not only the illness; and not only concentrating on the medical treatment). That is what we offer!

The MIDS Infrared device that we are currently using (the latest development from the company which produced Somatoinfra) is NOT a simple heat map (thermography) - as with most similar thermographic devices, it provides information on not only the organs that are close to the body surface, but also on those that are deep within the body!

Infrared imaging does not show structure like ultrasound or X-ray, but can indicate pathological processes of cellular function in the body (so for example a harmless small cyst or a benign prostate enlargement will not give a signal).

This method allows not only the complex examination of individual organs but also the whole body (except for the parts covered by the skull and the heart), so it can also be used to highlight causal relationships. It can visualize acute inflammation, varicose vein abnormalities, spinal and joint degenerative changes, or for example inflammation of the carotid artery, thereby signaling a form of risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease, as well as other processes involving changes in cellular metabolism with extremely high sensitivity and precision.

It can help and complement breast screening for women, but it does not replace other imaging tests, such as mammography. Infrared imaging may indicate a tumor, but it is not suitable for cancer screening, as there are tumors that do not emit significantly different heat energy and so they "hide" from the Infrared imaging.

However, it can help to identify the diseases of the endocrine organs, internal genital organs, it can make great progress in clarifying the cause of infertility, as well as in the pre-screening and follow-up of endometriosis without surgery.

The imaging is completely harmless - unlike X-ray, CT, PET/CT diagnostics - it does not emit any harmful radiation, it has no negative effect on the body whatsoever. Expectant mothers and small children can also use it.

"Heat transfer at the molecular level is the purest science that exists."

Professor Curtis Bennett

The benefits of Infrared imaging:

  • The test is fast, risk-free and pain-free.
  • If needed, the imaging can be repeated several times since the body is not subjected to any harmful effects or interventions.
  • The Infrared Imaging device can scan the entire body or, if necessary, certain areas of the body.
  • The test can reveal pathological processes at an early stage when there is still a good chance for cure.
  • The test can be used successfully with any other diagnostic and therapeutic method.
  • Infrared imaging can monitor the effects of medications and therapies used to treat a particular disease.
  • The imaging is done in a standing position.

There is no need to arrive with an empty stomach and the patient can also take his/her usual medications.

Hormone testing / hormonal balance consultation

"See what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody else has thought."

Albert Szent-Györgyi


is too much estrogen - too little progesterone, which is also known as estrogen dominance

Over the past half a century, the human body has been exposed to environmental effects, which, through various pathophysiological and biochemical mechanisms, ultimately lead to too much estrogen in the body (estrogen dominance) with its specific and typical symptoms. These symptoms affect more than one medical area and they are not yet correctly assessed. The relationships are often not explored and traditional medicine focuses only on the medical treatment of the symptoms. Incorrectly!

In my work I use the type of endocrinological knowledge which unfortunately has so far only been acquired by a few doctors and naturopath colleagues in Hungary. This is a regrettable fact, since these hormonal connections have been developed and taught by Dr. Lee in the United States for 40 years. The principles that he developed are backed up by the results ever since. Unfortunately, Dr. Lee's method is not in any curriculum, and because the natural hormone-containing cream is not classified as a medicine, colleagues don’t know about it.

You can read about Dr. Lee's work, the hormonal connections he developed and the important information about natural progesterone at:

For those ladies who turn to us - either for screening or for the examination of a disease - we check the exact status of the hormone-dependent - thyroid gland, breast and small pelvic - organs by means of infrared imaging, we instrumentally measure the level of female hormones, we calculate the degree of estrogen dominance, determine the differences in other hormone levels (adrenal, thyroid, insulin resistance, prolactin) which contributes to the female hormonal imbalance, and then set up the right treatment based on these findings. If the condition of the patients allows, we will primarily use herbal and natural products as treatments.

In describing the various diseases, we also refer to the possibility and importance of using a plant-based progesterone containing cream!

In the list below we summarize the gynecological diseases for which the proper dosage of progesterone treatment is absolutely necessary:

  • Menstrual cramps, endometriosis
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Irregular and abnormal periods
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Infertility
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Prevention of premature birth
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Chronic vaginal discharge

The importance of a diagnosis that is based on careful examination:

At the same time, there may be situations where we are not confronted with a given, putative disease only, and in this case, it may seem to the user that the cream does not work as they have been told. In this case, the patient's condition must be clarified in several further steps, and also the exact purpose of the treatment (!), because the problem is not with the progesterone-containing cream, the cream is very GOOD.

On one hand, for this we can get an exact answer from a gynecological examination (vaginal ultrasound, structure of the uterine wall, thickness of the endometrium and the structure of the ovaries). On the other hand, it is possible that the cream should not be used at the usual dose for someone, as there may be other illnesses in the background that have not been known that may modify the cream’s dosage requirement. This can be correctly determined using two tests: a complete hormone test and Infrared imaging of the whole body.

From these, the patient's current state of health is assembled, and it will provide the basis for setting up the appropriate treatment.



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  • Did you know that very large proportion of elderly breast cancer patients is estrogenic?

  • Did you know that anyone who has endometriosis, has an estrogen imbalance in her body, too?

  • Did you know that estrogen dominance can be the background of weight gain?

  • Did you know that there is no fibroids without estrogen dominance?

  • Did you know that due to menstrual problems, estrogen dominance almost always develops?

  • Did you know that the direct cause of the cyst development in the breast is estrogen dominance?

  • Did you know that pre-menstrual strong mood swings (PMS syndrome) are not normal, causing by estrogen dominance?

  • Did you know that estrogen dominance is very often the cause of infertility?

Your body never lies!

Calculate real estrogen dominance with real data